Wildlife Savers, unsung heroes: The biggest translocation of elephants in conservation history

Wildlife Savers, unsung heroes, is a documentary that tells the story of the largest and most significant elephant translocation in conservation history. In an extraordinary journey; 500 elephants are moved from Liwonde National Park and Majete Wildlife Reserve to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. This is to counter the effects of poaching, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict and to restore Nkhotakota. making it the primary elephant sanctuary for Malawi. As recently as 20 years ago, Nkhotakota supported more than 1.500 elephants but due to rampant poaching the park had as few as 100 elephants before the start of the translocation in 2016. This translocation is a story of hope and restoration. Moving elephants this way is a fairly new concept. African Parks proved to the world that provided there’s a safe haven to move the elephants to, culling is not necessary. The goal? Securing the future for Malawi’s elephants. This is the way forward.

Over the past two years Pluk Media filmmakers Annegré Bosman and Mildred Roethof followed this inspiring mission to restore and preserve the environmental harmony between humans and elephants. During their travels, they were moved by the magnitude of the issue and the way all the different aspects play a role. By documenting the reality of the human-wildlife conflict, they witnessed poached elephants for their ivory tusks and how law enforcement teams risk their lives every day to protect elephants and other wildlife species. These people are the protagonists of the documentary Wildlife Savers, unsung heroes. They are determined to provoke progressive change for the elephants, thereby contributing to the protection and restoration of the wildlife reserves, the community, the country and eventually, the world.

This week the television series: ‘De Verdediger, Firma Roethof’                  everyday on AT5 at 18:10 & 22:10, also on YouTube


Mildred Roethof makes portret of her own family

In the television series ‘De Verdedigers’ filmmaker Mildred Roethof captures the lives of the attorneys in her family. Criminal law attorneys Gerald Roethof, Machteld Roethof, Ronald Roethof and Jamil Roethof are involved in a variety of interesting cases. We’ll see them working on controversial cases that get a lot of attention from media.

Gerald and Machteld are the representatives of the suspects in the ‘gay-incident’ on the Nelson Mandela-bridge in Arnhem and Gerald also represents the relatives of the late Mitch Henriques whom died after being arrested with brutal force. Furthermore they are the defenders of suspects in cases about drugtraffic, trafficking in women, fraud and ‘settlements’ in the criminal circuit. Besides the big cases the Roethof-family also represents suspects of minor delicts, famous sporters and artists.

Filmmaker and sister Mildred Roethof started filming the lives of her extraordinary family two years ago. She followed them through the judicial proces, the hearings in court and in consultation with clients in office or in jail. This way Mildred shines a light on the personal lives of the attorneys in a search for the human behind the attorney. Mildred looks passed criminal law  and juridical interpretations which her family members suggest. So that means no family get together about how work is as an attorney but honest, confronting, vulnerable conversations with the filmmaker operating as the ‘conscience’.