Pluk Media is constantly on the move, and approaches each and every commission as a creative challenge.

Our team consists of experienced team players, who bubble with enthusiasm, creativity, drive and passion for vision and sound.

Our slogan: We are happy when you are!

Clients about us:

Nathalie Sichtman

Strategic Policy Advisor, City of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam)

“Filmmakers Annegré Bosman en Mildred Roethof followed eleven colourful, strong women of Amsterdam, and one man with their camera. The result was a diverse series of films, bringing to life the interest of these capital women that would otherwise, often times, go unnoticed: poverty, the fight of mothers against shame, and for better chances for their handicapped or otherwise restricted children, the hard reality of LHBT-related violence, teenage pregnancies, the importance of male emancipation, and the power of working together. Seldom have I worked with such driven and creative producers/makers. They are proof of their pudding, honest, impressive documentaries with a cause, without sensationalism but made with interest and compassion.”

Soheila Najand

Director Foundation InterArt (Stichting InterArt)

“Last year, (2015) we nominated documentary maker Mildred Roethof for the cultural citizenship award (cultureel burgerschap). Winning second prize, she was the runner-up; the jury of the new cultural citizenship describe Mildred Roethof as an independent spirit. Through her high-profile documentaries she manifests herself as a presenter, facilitator and an observer. She shows the multicultural community without specifying and naming it; she reflects without bias.”

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