About Us

“Our goal is to create a platform for people with urgent and relevant stories to tell. To create a voice for special individuals fighting for their cause, such as human rights, nature conservation, injustice, violence, social change and gender equality. Special people who go against the current and challenge the status quo, in order to facilitate change thereby making an essential contribution to our society. As programme/film makers and producers we have a passion for making unique television and special digital video content. We document unique stories that touch many people and trigger dialogue and debate, which we do at the highest possible level.”


Pluk Media is an innovative and quirky company. Its broad focus is the creation and production of special documentaries, in-depth journalistic television programmes, high-end company films, trailers, commercials and the production of sponsored television productions. We also develop multimedia concepts for companies. Mildred Roethof and Annegre Bosman form the creative and business motor behind Pluk Media BV. They work closely together with a breadth of social, commercial and cultural organizations ranging from Gemeente Amsterdam (City of Amsterdam), to African Parks, from Danstheater AYA, Doctors without Borders, African Parks, ABN AMRO Bank to the World Wildlife Fund and the Dutch National Postcode Lottery (Postcode Loterij). With their individual creativity and extensive experience in the media industry, quality is guaranteed.

Differentiate yourself from the crowd? Rise above the grey mass? Stick out in the crowd? Distinctive, fascinating, promotional?

Whether it be an online video, mood video, your website, a commercial, a company film, or an independent documentary, Pluk Media BV ensures that you stick out in the crowd; that you are noticed by your target group(s). And that translates into increased turnover.

Annegré Bosman is a program/ filmmaker, photographer, DP and director. She studied journalism and has always lived with passion for film & photography, for travel, wildlife and exploring new cultures. She is constantly searching for new challenges to stay inspired and to ongoing learning. Annegré is always looking for stylish shots and dynamic compositions that match the characters and coming together in a completely tranquil and uses her talents to raise awareness to Ecological, Social Justice, Animals, Wildlife conservation and Spiritual importance. She find as a filmmaker and photographer that subjects about threats to nature and injustice towards people and animals do not receive attention often enough and deserve more of the limelight. Impactful films and photos are instrumental in opening minds, change attitudes and beliefs and inspire people to make a difference for the world’s most pressing problems. As visual storyteller and researcher, she portrays characters in an authentic and sensitive way.

Annegré made several human interest tv-series including  a documentary in Costa Rica, ‘La vida Pura’ on the conservation of forests through sustainable investments in FSC certified teak plantations. She also made travel reports  for National Geographic. Annegré worked since 2001 as director, chief editor and executive producer for all the major Dutch broadcasters, such as NPO, RTL4, SBS6, and the UK broadcaster National Geographic as well as countless independent production companies and NGO’s. For some time she started here own company. Today she is one of the partners of Pluk Media where she makes documentaries about nature, animals and people with a social mission or a mission that benefits to a sustainable world.

Mildred Roethof is an engaged creative filmmaker and director. Mildred was born in the Netherlands and spent her teenage years in Paramaribo, Surinam. When she returned to Amsterdam, she studied at the social academy, driven by her passion for people and social injustice. Today she has been working in television and media for over 25 years and has a wealth of expertice in the field of concepting, making and presenting TV programs, documentaries and opinionated journalism TV reports. She is particularly interested in social cultural and conservational issues. With her films, she wants to create awareness and show themes which are most of the time left unseen to the larger public.

In the meantime, she also presented the succesful TV program ‘Tros Regelrecht’, with 1 > million viewers, during which a team amongst which Mildred as well as the former Minister of Crime (Mr. Ivo Opstelten), tried to solve various social problems. In 2012 she started Pluk Media together with Annegré Bosman, both sharing a common ambition and vision on making a difference in today’s society with their creative work. Pluk’s purpose is to be a witness of a changing world and to inspire everyone who is looking for new vision and approaching to that world in transition.