Life at the front line NTR/NPO2 

The creators of the series follow, investigate and expose -in Indonesië, Nepal and Sudan- the life of combatants in the front linie

The Unarmed Combat

Under water fight

Primal Force from the Wild


Girls as merchandise

Primal force from the wild YOUTUBE/PLUK MEDIA

Primal force from the wild – Ep. 1

Primal force from the wild – Ep. 4

Primal force from the wild – Ep. 2

Primal force from the wild – Ep. 5

Primal force from the wild – Ep. 3

Amongst each other NTR/NPO2

How are people within a subculture related to outsiders?

Dutch buddies

Elderly and closeted gays from the city of  Nijmegen

Pentecostalism: Devilish Diseases

Volendam: The drugs influence

Bonaire: Pessimists

From prison to work NTR/NPO2

Documentary series where Mildred Roethof & Annegré Bosman dive into the world of young adult ex-offenders and ‘wajongeren’ who want to go back to work.

Diego Ep. 1

Sander Ep. 2

Luke Ep. 1

Diego Ep. 2

Jesmine Ep. 1

Sander Ep. 1

Jesmine Ep. 2


Documentary series showing the unknown world of young ambitious lesbians in The Netherlands.

Ep. 1

Ep. 4

Ep. 2

Ep. 5

Ep. 3

Ep. 6

Ghetto champs NTR/NPO3

Documentary series about the 2010 World Cup from the slums in South Africa.


Football players

Raw & Pure NTR/NPO2

Documentary series from Mildred Roethof about the world of street youth.

Love and abuse

Ambition and perspective

Renegade Muslim women cornered

Everything for money

Disrupted gangster girls

Cocaine based income

Respect and violence

Recruited online for sex

Free Radicals – Ronnie NTR/NPO2

How do youngsters handle struggles with themselves and their enviroment?